Milk - Happy Cows with Healthy Milk

Pasture farmer treats the organic milk cows very well in all aspects, and all cows can enjoy good animal welfare.
  1. Cow is fed with absolutely 100% organic fodder
  2. Organic cows in Denmark must have access to free pasture from 15 April to 1 November every year. Even in the wintertime, the cows must go to open air areas for exercise.
  3. When the cow gives birth to the calf, the baby calf must be given the opportunity to satisfy its suckling need during the lactation period of 3 months.
  4. No hormones, no pesticides, no antibiotics.
  5. If an organic cow is ill and treated with veterinary medicine, the withdrawal period at the dairy is twice of non-organic milking cows. This is to assure no drug found in the milk.

Happy organic cows are keep producing happy milk. That’s why organic milk you can drink is so healthy.
Organic Milk Powder



Organic Cow with free pasture