Corporate Social Responsibility

Food safety

Food safety is high on the agenda with the media and consumers. And with us, it is needless to say. As a leading supplier of food, we take the control of our food very seriously. Our own quality control ensures that we meet all the declaration and food handling regulations in close dialogue with the Food and Environment Hygiene Department, the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region on food legislation and food labelling

Food waste is a waste of responsibility

Letting food go to waste is a waste of food that could benefit people in need. Not doing anything, in our sense, is a waste of responsibility. That is why we give food which is close to expiry from our warehouses to Food Bank. The Food Bank is a non-profit charity which receives and distributes food to the poor and people living poverty.

We also donate foodstuffs to Food Angel -- a food rescue and food assistance program by Bo Charity Foundation; Food Resources Recycling Centre operated by The Conservancy Association; and FOOD-CO by St. James' Settlement.

Food Angel by Bo Charity Foundation