Whole-fat milk may promote better heart health

Whole-fat milk may promote better heart health
Low fat / skimmed milk or dairy products are generally considered to be "healthy". But more and more researches show that the 'negative effects' of saturated fat on cardiovascular health may be "demonized", and whole-fat dairy products may however have positive effects on reducing the risk of diabetes, stroke, or depression.

A global survey of 136,384 people aged 35-70 in 21 countries on 5 continents has found that daily intake of 2 portions or more whole-fat dairy products may promote better heart health and lower risk of cardiovascular disease in the early stages.

A study published by UK Lancet Journal on 11 Sep 2018 showed that people having daily intake with 2 portions or more of whole-fat dairy products (including whole milk, butter, cheese or yogurt) could lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by 22%, risk of early death / severe heart disease by 23%, and risk of stroke by 34%.

Note: 1 portion of dairy intake is equivalent to 236 ml of milk or cheese, 15 g of cheese or 5 g of butter.

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